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Last Modified: December 13, 2015

We hope that you find the content on this website useful. Our goal is to provide top quality products and services for reporting entities. In using this website you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions:

Hefty Disclaimers

We are not lawyers and nothing that appears on this site, including the content of our downloadable products, should be interpreted as legal advice.

We don’t represent any government or government agency (including law enforcement), although we may work with these types of organizations on specific projects. The content that appears on this site has not been vetted or sanctioned by any government or government agency and should not be interpreted as an official government or agency policy position.

Please protect the confidentiality of your customers the way that you would protect yourself. When you conduct queries, the PDF files returned to you may contain sensitive information. It is your responsibility to ensure that these files are stored securely on your system once they have been downloaded.

No Reselling or Redistribution of Products

When you purchase products from us, we assume that you are using these products for the company that you’ve registered in our user database. The reselling or distribution of these products is expressly prohibited (it’s basically stealing), but if you feel that you have a good reason for doing that please contact us to talk about it.

Credits & Changing Your Plan

If you are upgrading your monthly plan, the difference between the cost of your old and new plans will be billed immediately.  If you are downgrading your monthly plan, you will see the new plan price on your next monthly billing.

If you are moving from an “a la carte” plan to a monthly plan, you will retain your existing a la carte credits.

You may add “a la carte” credits to top up an existing monthly plan anytime.

Your monthly plan credits are are applied before your a la carte credits

Imitation Flatters Us

All material on this site including images are the joint property of Outlier Solutions Inc., CoinCulture Inc., TAYPE International Business Services Inc., and DevUp Inc.

We understand that our materials are pretty awesome, and we won’t be surprised or shocked if you want to use them or refer to them. While we’d like you to contact us if you plan on using our work in any type of for profit project or enterprise.

If you’re doing something internal to your group or company (like training), we simply ask that you credit us.


From time to time we link to other sites, and other sites link to us. We do not control the content of sites that we don’t own, and we don’t necessarily endorse any of the views or opinions that you will find on these sites.

Media & Speaking Engagements

We believe that any knowledge worth having is worth sharing. If you are looking for a speaker on a topic that is relevant to the work that we do, please contact us.

In your contact form, please describe the type of organization that you are a part of (media, university, research group, etc), the topic that you have in mind, the medium and the timeframes. While we appreciate all offers to speak on topics that we’re passionate about, we will limit our speaking engagements to situations where we feel that we are able to add real value for the audience.


This website, including its Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Buyer’s Guide and Refund Policy will be updated online. We don’t send out notifications when there have been updates, but if you notice that something’s changed and you have questions, please feel free to contact us.