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Here is a sample report. To build this report includes names that appear on lists published by OSFI, names of some of our team members (with their permission, of course), and some names that we picked out of a hat (or rather book of names). This list does not represent the actual clients of any particular business.


We currently have scanning for lists published by the Canadian Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) for both entities and individuals. More lists will be added soon.

You can upload your lists in Microsoft Excel or CSV formats. If you are using a spreadsheet program other than Microsoft Excel, there is generally a function that allows you to save or export your data in CSV format.

All lists are automatically updated within 24 hours of any changes to the source list.

We keep your data on our server only as long as it takes to run a query and generate the fillable PDF. After this, the original data is automatically purged from our servers. We keep a hash of the data (this doesn’t contain any personal information about your customers, but can be used to confirm the search that has been performed later on if you need to do so).

Your PDFs are held on our server for three weeks (twenty one days) then purged from our servers.  If the PDF file has not been downloaded at the time that your files are purged, your credits will be refunded automatically.